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Next-generation customer service through Voice Assistants

Next-generation customer service through Voice Assistants
Kwantics uses AI and converts text-to-speech in natural-sounding human voices, which can be customized to create a brand voice for businesses.

Customer service is not a new concept and has been ever since talked about. Generations are evolving with mature demands of good customer experience. Customer service hence does not end with a good product or service sale. Organizations have now omitted the myopic vision and understood the deep concept of customer service which begins with the provision of product or service and continues to post-purchase services. It is more about prioritizing the customer needs and solving issues or pain points related to a specific product or service. Customer service is also related to the components of product or service innovation and pricing which also means that it is a major contributor in the entire value chain process of a product or service. Customers need to be the focal point of organizations if they wish to succeed and this should dominate all activities from manufacturing to delivery. Major industries have developed based on this practice of being always available for customers. The contact center industry is one such area that strives to benefit customers through their voice channels. With the COVID -19 pandemic, this industry has evolved into new dimensions as the market is now majorly relying on virtual support. After-sales customer services determine how reliable and profitable your business would be. Moreover, voice communication is the most convenient way to solve the troubles of customers. Voice communication is supported by technology and optimally trained professionals. However, with boon comes bane and hence this human supported service faces hiccups of limited knowledge, lack of personalization due to the repetitive nature of the job, etc. Most customers feel a lack of engagement when it comes to after-sales services due to reasons like the language barrier, unprofessional attitude as well. This has been indicated that the contact center industry required major edits to streamline operations. With technological advancements of AI, Machine learning, NLP, etc. Deploying AI-powered solutions leads to enhanced customer experience due to professional conduct where major repetitive queries are easily handled by Voice bots.

  • Personalization of customer support:- Intelligent and Aware Kwantics Voice assistants keep a track of past conversations or interactions with customers. Through this, it builds a context and personalized with specific greetings, suggestions based on the historical record, etc. Moreover, Kwantics’ Multilingual Voice assistants help organizations “value” their customers more than ever before when bulk, spam messages or calls were made with zero identification. Voice assistants increase organizational bandwidth positively and help you scale business in a more organized manner.
  • Strong assistance for organizations:- With increased capabilities comes more responsibility. Kwantics’ AI-powered voice Bots analyze call data. This helps organizations streamline the workflow with real-time and deep customer insights based on which they can make informed decisions.It is quite impossible to track every call quality when it comes to a human team.With voice assistants , you can now unwrap new skills.
  • No Fear of duplicity in the Competitive sphere:- With Human-like voice timber voice assistants, Kwantics attempts to help organizations retain their own branded voice. Hence there is no fear of your favorite voice artist joining hands with your competitor. Whatever is curated for your brand, remains with your brand.
  • Simple integration with low cost:- Organizations can save the cost of hiring, managing, and training employees if they replace their operations with Voice assistants. These products are like one-time investments rather than a recurring cost of a full-fledged human team. Kwantics has designed its Voice Bot in such a way so that it seamlessly blends with your operations to deliver excellence.
  • More Measured and scalable workflow:- The operational workflow of your organizations starting from receiving a call to solving the issue gets backed with data. Hence, one can understand and deduce business insights to sort out recommendations or solve a gap for the product or service design team.
Customer experience is the key to sustainable success for multiple organizations across the globe. There is a wave of change caused due to the advancement of technology. This is an era powered by artificial intelligence and traditional methods of operations are altering to adapt to it. By 2025, 95% of all consumer interactions would be accelerated and facilitated by AI. With changes in the technological front and scientific developments across various levels, people's needs and target market expectations are changing. Nowadays, consumers are much more informed, cognitively aware, cautious, and expect quality through benefits. There is a requirement of speed when it comes to offering delivery plus quality analysis. Concepts like brand awareness and brand loyalty are now the keys to having a forward-looking organization. It has become important to ensure that one doesn’t lag in a highly technological and iterative market. Visited:-  Voicebot AIVoice Assistant AIAI Voice Assistant

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Kwantics uses AI-powered Speech Analytics to get actionable insights in real-time or historically from contact center calls or voice data.