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How can I collect business phone numbers from Google Maps?
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How can I collect business phone numbers from Google Maps?
Google Maps Data Miner is an easy-to-use and powerful web scraper that can scrape data from Google Maps without coding.

How Can I Extract Phone Numbers From Google Maps?

Google Maps is one of the largest business directories in the world used for local business. Google Maps is one of the most popular online business directories that help you to grow your local business. Google Maps helps you to find potential sales leads online.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to easily download all the data from Google Maps to an Excel spreadsheet. Including business data, addresses, phone numbers, and more.

This is true unless you use a Google Maps Scraper to extract and download all the data you want from Google Maps.

Today, we’ll use a web scraper to extract data from Google Maps.

Scrape Data From Google Maps By Using A Google Maps Extractor

Google Maps Data Miner is an easy-to-use and powerful web scraper that can scrape data from Google Maps without coding.

Make sure to download Google Maps Lead Extractor for free before we get started.

For today’s example, we will be scraping data from the Google Maps search results page.

Now, let’s get scraping.

Google Maps Scraper

Scrape Google Maps Data Step By Step By Google Map Business Extractor

It’s now time to start scraping data from Google Maps.

Step 1 (Search)

Install and Open Google Maps Listing Scraper, click on “New Project” and enter the business listing URL in the web scraper. If You don’t have business listing URLs, you can find a business in a targeted city or country by name.  In this case, we are scraping the Google Maps search results.

Step 2 (Select)

Make your first selection by clicking on the name of the first business on the Google Maps search results. It will be highlighted to indicate that it has been selected. In this way, you can select all the businesses you want to scrape, and after selection click on the start extraction button.

Step 3 (Extract)

Google Maps Contact Extractor is now extracting the Business Name, Google Maps Listing Link, Business Phone Number, Rating, Reviews, Latitude, Longitude, and much more from the selected businesses.

Step 4 (Repeat)

Repeat steps 1-2 to select and extract more business data from Google Maps. We will repeat these steps and extract the business address, a number of reviews, and business website.

Step 5 (Export)

It is now time to export Google Maps search results to an Excel sheet.

To do this, click on the green “Export Data” button in the left sidebar. Here, you can save all the extracted data in readable formats like CSV, Excel, or Text files.

In the last, by using this Google Maps Lead Extractor, you can get business data from Google Maps for any country, city, state, or area because you can find a business by zip codes also.

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